Dog is a domestic animal, companion in human history and these are subspecies of gray wolf and member of Canidae family. Dogs have been domesticated from many years ago. They have lived with humans and worked in so many roles as working, hunting, protection, pulling loads, assisting police, military purpose and now a day’s also for aiding handicapped individual.
For these important responsibilities their fitness, health and well being are the important factor. So the daily exercise and proper diet play a important role. In some culture dog is a source of meat also got a nickname “man’s best friend” because of great impact on human life.

Dogs have more sense range than human that they are one million times more sensitive .Some dog breeds are 100 millions more sensitive. There are wide range of dog breed and dogs types. They have great social intelligence which is uncommon in animal world and capable of learning easy in number of ways by simple reinforcement and observation. From experienced dogs
puppies learn behavior more quickly. Learn and follow the instruction of human, do work according to the order and play with human with very excellent way. The average sleep time of dogs is 10 hours as compared with wolves they have 35% smaller brain , smaller teeth and poorer in observational learning. Dog treadmill is an exercise tool, it has many varieties according to the weight and easy to store in small place. Specially designed for different treadmills for medium, smaller, giant dogs are available in the market .Safe and leisurely running area intended for proper exercise without any difficulty.

 These are designed with good speed range, Dolly wheels of easily mobility, remote control, side fencing many more great features. Anyone can easily operate it, it does not matter whether the dog owner is trainer, just a caring or veterinarian. Secondly the diet, a dog can digest a wide range of diet of vegetable or grains. They are not dependent on very high protein diet nor meat specific protein .Their food should be tasty, healthy and should not be toxic like onion, garlic or chocolates solids. Flint River Ranch is a brand name of food of high quality .It's mostly used in dogs diet because it contains large proportion of required proteins , natural lubricants , fiber , moisture and less fat. It does not contain any artificial taste or flavor. Flint River Ranch can be oven-baked and made up of chicken .It promotes pets body because of having large number of vitamins , minerals and enzymes and when mixed with daily food provide a great taste. Treats of signature brand jubilee, lamb and millet water, Trout and Potato of Flint River Ranch are super delicious.

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